Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wall Builders

I found an awesome site this week when I attended our weekly Tea Party rally. It is called Wall builders . It is dedicated to the Christian Heritage of our great Nation. Now for those who may get upset because I acknowledge the good things of these states and not the bad that it has wrought, it's with a specific reason. EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS OF the bad things done in this nation, but VERY FEW care to discuss the DIRECT INFLUENCE OF CHRIST UPON OUR FOUNDING FATHERS! So there you have it. Whether you like it or not, agree to it or disagree, "We the people..." is a direct reflection of sinners acknowledging the blessings of God upon this people. Christ is the reason we have succeeded all these years and Christ is the one upon whom this nation was built. In fact, it is Christ who will deliver His people and bring glory to His name. So please, go to the site, look around, order some books & DVD's and learn about everything they refuse to teach you in school. And then when you have learned, teach someone else.


Michael Gormley said...

Why do you moderate your comments?

Anonymous said...


The false doctrine of Sola Scriptura, first proclaimed by Martin Luther, created the 'everyone for himself' syndrome for Bible interpretation.

Each individual would claim, 'the Holy Spirit told me'.

This thinking flies into the face of what the Bible actually teaches, that individual interpretation of Scripture cannot be done. See Acts 8:27-39, and 2Peter 1:20, and 2Peter 3:16-18.

Belief in Sola Scriptura is the primary reason for the fact that there are over 28,000 splinters in Protestantism.

There can be only one truth, and yet each splinter claims, 'the Holy Spirit told me'.

Each claims the truth, yet each has differences with the others.

Truth is one; therefore all Churches should be united in the one truth.

Are we led to believe there over 28,000 Holy Spirits, each telling a protestant sect something different, or maybe one Holy Spirit giving a different truth to each?

The doctrine of Sola Scripture is clearly a false doctrine invented by mere men, and has no Scriptural basis whatsoever.

Anyone who believes in the false doctrine of Sola Scriptura, and rejects tradition, is taking away from the Word of GOD.

They are therefore in violation of all of the Bible verses which admonish, "Do not add to, or take away from, the Word of GOD." Deuteronomy 4:2, 11:32, 13:1, Psalms 12:7, 33:4, Psalms 50:16-17, Proverbs 5:7, 30:5-6, Jeremiah 23:36, Galatians 1:8, 1Peter 1:24-25, 2Peter 3:15-16, Revelation 22:18-20.

Chermone said...

1. Sola Scriptura is a refocusing on scripture itself as the main authoratative essence of the bible. People (both the Catholic church as well as beguiled Protestant leadership) take the scriptures and make it say what they want it to say- isogesis. Just becuase someone proclaims that the Holy Spirit told them to do something doesn't me the Lord actually told them to do something. Folk who ascribe to the doctrines of grace know that they must align themselves with scripture and not vice versa. You will always get folk who will take the good in something and pervert- those are the wolves and they exist in every branch of christendom. While I agree that the church must be unified, it can only do so according to the whole counsel of God, ie through scripture. Or else we will have to take man's word. What needs to happen is that everything any person preaches concerning our Lord, must be validated against the scriptures. IF it lines up, the person has spoken truth, if it does not, the person has spoken false words and should not be followed.

Chermone said...

As for your choice of scriptures Acts 8:27 talks about the Phillip and the Ethiopian. You use this scripture to say that the Holy Spirit does not tell individuals what to do? You lost me with that one.
2Peter 1:20 is not referring to private interpretation of prophecy giving to an individual. Rather it is referring to the entire Gospel as a whole how it should be taught. The gospel must go forth to all because it was given to the church.

2Peter 3:16 again, you are thowing spcriture out with no real basis. People that do not understand and end up in destruction are those whom God has not given understanding to. remember understanding comes from the Lord.

As far as why I moderate- it is so others don't have to read ignorance. You had questions and I don't walk away from honest dailogue. But I would ask you Mr. Gormely to go and read some of the articles on dealing with the remonstrants, Luther and the doctrines of Grace. My prayer is that you would come to understand why these men took a stand for the Gospel of Christ that they believed so much in.

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