Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wall Builders

I found an awesome site this week when I attended our weekly Tea Party rally. It is called Wall builders . It is dedicated to the Christian Heritage of our great Nation. Now for those who may get upset because I acknowledge the good things of these states and not the bad that it has wrought, it's with a specific reason. EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS OF the bad things done in this nation, but VERY FEW care to discuss the DIRECT INFLUENCE OF CHRIST UPON OUR FOUNDING FATHERS! So there you have it. Whether you like it or not, agree to it or disagree, "We the people..." is a direct reflection of sinners acknowledging the blessings of God upon this people. Christ is the reason we have succeeded all these years and Christ is the one upon whom this nation was built. In fact, it is Christ who will deliver His people and bring glory to His name. So please, go to the site, look around, order some books & DVD's and learn about everything they refuse to teach you in school. And then when you have learned, teach someone else.

Christians Around the World!