Friday, September 21, 2007

Gay Woman Sues Doctor Because She Got Pregnant???

You know I am extremely peeved at this article I found on Christian Post (links at the bottom). How does one fight for the right to be gay and to raise children together- get upset at the doctor when she becomes impregnated? Anyone in their right mind knowingly receiving in-vitro fertilization understands the fact that more than one egg can become impregnated. It is even in the contract. This all goes to show that homosexuality (and every other sin in the Bible) is always about self. The writer in Proverbs wrote “Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man (to include a woman's) are never satisfied.” It seems to me they wanted a child so they could supposedly "feel" like a family, yet when they got more than expected- heaven forbid- it started to look like a real family (well as real as it could look with two mommies).

How does one go from complete joy that she is pregnant to sheer hatred when she finds out that she is doubly blessed? Now I know how difficult it is to raise more than one child at a time. It can be extremely difficult financially and emotionally. But, (and there is a big BUT) to put blame on and sue the doctor is extremely selfish not to mention foolish as well. Especially since part of the reason the lawsuit is taking place is due to the fact that the “lover” does not “feel” so in love anymore. The woman and her “lover” wanted one child to help bring them closer together, but since they got two it tore them apart! Maybe, just maybe, they weren’t supposed to be together in the first place…

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