Saturday, March 28, 2009

Even the World Can See Its Sin...

The young man in this video (Piper from the Alternative pop group Flipsyde) makes some very poignant remarks concerning the loss of a child. However, this isn't the type of loss seen when a man loses a child he has held in his arms. It doesn't stem from the losing of a child to a terrible accident or incurable sickness. Simply put, this is the view not heard from often. A young man pays for his girlfriend's abortion and regrets it years later. There is remorse and contrition from an unsaved individual over his own wickedness- a partaker of abortion. Too many pro-abortion supporters disregard and fail to consider how many people are affected by an abortion. Now for many of the "feminist" persuasion, caring about a man's feelings concerning an abortion would be akin to Hitler caring about the feelings of the Jews he was gassing, i.e. it isn't there. I know it's a bit harsh, but truthful nonetheless. Yet the underlying truth is that this young man does hurt from the abortion. He agonizes over the child that "could have been, but won't" because of his own selfishness.

I will always say that abortion is more than a woman's personal choice. There is more than just HER body that is at stake. Nevertheless, I believe things will only get worse on this issue. Yet regardless of what errors sinful man (and woman) try to make "appear" right, I will speak from the Gospel of Christ and continue to show the lies of abortion. WE must continue to advocate on behalf of the children whom abortion would kill-they don't have a voice of their own and it is our responsibility to do so as Christians.

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