Thursday, April 16, 2009

Homeland Security vs the Church

I read this article from FoxNews and I was truly angered. As a right leaning conservative, with a view that the majority of right leaning conservatives are Christian, I ask, "Could this be a step in the direction of bringing biblical Christianity to a place of persecution in America?" Think about it. The government labels anyone with right-leaning, conservative values as a potential terrorist. So they mean to tell me that if we disagree with abortion, we are considered to have terroristic traits. What kind of mess is that? Here's a kicker for you, if we (an Airman, Soldier, Marine or Seaman) have been to Iraq or Afghanistan, according to Napolitano we are susceptible to being overcome by those would want to harm the very country we fought to protect!Crazy! Really it sucks because the moral ground that I will not be moved from according to Homeland Security automatically infers that I am now to be considered anti-American. Wow. Yet if this is case, there is still more to be concerned about. Just think, after awhile they begin to crackdown on churches who preach against sin, abortion and homosexuality because they beleive it infringes on their “rights” as Americans (never mind the fact that I am entitled to my opinion). They then lock up those who speak against an immoral lifestyle because they are recognized as instigators. The way I see it, right now the seeds are being planted that will allow the persecution of the Christian Church to begin. In fact, in some places it has already begun. Homosexuals invaded a church in Minnesota last year, harrassed the congregants (who were worshipping that morning) by yelling out blasphemies (in front of the children mind you), began performing sexual acts (again in front of the children) and hung a banner that read "BASH BACK!" And as far as I know, no one was arrested even though the police came out. Yet through all this, we must draw closer to Christ-not out of fear of the enemy-but out of love and admiration for HIM, knowing that this world will pass away, but Christ abides forever!

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