Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lecrae's Song to Benefit Haiti

I haven't written in a bit because of everything that has taken place the past month and a half. Base Inspection, studying for my next stripe and trying to maintain a decent family life (although all of it was very hard on them). Now that both the test and the inspection are overwith, I get to start settling down from the 16 hour stretches. I do have some more of the top 10 pulpit moves coming so stand by, there should be a new one out shortly.

In the meantime, a rapper whom I have a great deal of respect for has written a song to benefit the suffering in Haiti. I would encourage you if you have not done something to help our brothers and sisters in Christ, that you take the time. Take the time to donate through your local church or through the RED Cross or some other Christian organization that can help. I am not telling you what to give, that is between you and God. The main thing is that you remember the scriptures that guide us in helping those who need it and right now, Haiti needs help. God bless!

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