Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Freedom From Sin and of Letting It Go- A Poem

I had to let you go
Your desires cost me more than I could ever know
Yet you still call to me with a whisper in the ear
Every corner that I turn I feel you oh so near
My mind habitually worked against me when it relished in your touch
Your scent drove me wild, your gaze made me smile; you became to me a crutch
You held me in your bosom and softly spoke of what could be
You gave me the grandest of thoughts, of visions of clarity
My heart raced and it pranced with a joy that seemed unfailing
Blinded to the pain that came with you- the debt that would be trailing
Yet as the sun repelled on the hottest of days
My Lord showed me your intentions and the doom of your ways
You lied to me about pain; you said there’d be none
For a moment I felt alive and in a twinkle it was gone
You made me bitter and tore my heart into pieces
And then you lied again, soft words and the pain releases
I turned from my Lord because you called to my desire
But when I came to your beckoning, I saw you standing with the "Liar"
But my Lord full of mercy followed me to your indwelling
And while you made a mockery of me, and beat me with your yelling
He snatched me from your grasp as you lay the barrage of whips
And took the consign of my penalty as He lay upon the sticks
And so you killed him with a fervor and tenacity meant solely for the hated
You poured out your wickedness on Him, you stood there and you waited
You mused and you glistened at your triumph with delight
You knew He was the King of Glory, You knew He was the light
And all the little words you sang to me oh how it was sublime
Melted away my heart’s contentment for the one you killed was mine
As sorrow replaced my joy, what now of its significance
I see truly what you used me for, exacting out his vengeance
Your father was a liar and that from the beginning
You failed to see my God arise for His desire made the ending
You failed to see His zeal of hatred I know HE has for you
The God of glory, the bright and morning, declared what He would do
And that’s to take what is His, the Father’s shaming you to hell
Where you’ll scream and cry, whilst you beg and wry in the place that you befell
He has saved me now, from sin and death and given life abundantly
The Alpha and Omega, I AM that I AM, the Light of Majesty
Faithful and True, the King of Kings, His name is El Shaddai,
Blessed Redeemer, Jesus the Savior, The Lord God Adonai!

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