Friday, December 21, 2007

Choking the Christ Out of Christmas

At the offset, one would feel like this image is blasphemous. However, upon further inspection and application one would see the truth for what it is. The media is of Santa Clause totally choking the "Christ" out of Christmas. Now one could even look at it and think, "well this is an image of Christ and not the real thing." And of course I would agree. Christ could never be put in such a position. In fact, the pseudo Christ in the picture is about the same in "real life," an image with no saving power. But still, I enjoy this picture because of the point the artist is making. That being Jesus Christ according to the world is of no effect. We who are in the truth know the real deal and are willing to put our lives on the line for it. The message Christ came to bring from before the foundation is the world is the one of sin and the holy redemption of God to His glory. God bless you guys this Christmas and I pray that you would be faithful to Him not just in the "season," but year round.

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