Sunday, January 20, 2008

A little fun

I was looking around and found this neat little map. So if you sign my guestbook and leave a picture or note, that would be pretty cool (at least to me anyhow). So uh, sign my guestbook if you please. Thanks

Really, this is probably the only way I get to see who actually visits the blog. Peace

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emissary7 said...

Don't know where this would fit in,

I didn't know where to place this, but I was writing because I recently wrote a post on the issue of AIDS and how one could go about dealing with it practically (or even if the issue was worth dealing with at all). I really enjoyed the articles on your site.....and I was hoping that perhaps you'd be interested in dropping by my "lair" and sharing some of your thoughts on the issue. Fair warning, though....the post was prolific....but I really placed alot of thought into it and I was wanting feedback on it so I could be sharpened on the subject (especially seeing that as a Human Social Worker I'll be dealing with this issue).

Again, only if you're interested....but I'd love to have you drop by.....

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